“Transformational Leadership is an artform that is developed by continual learning.”

The Academy of Artful Roy Howard, DeanLeadership brings together gifted leaders who are steering congregational change. We provide a series of facilitated peer conversations around major themes in ministry, followed by individual coaching. The outcome is greater clarity and calculated movement toward transformation within a congregation.

The Academy utilizes a “coach approach” process in which the coach helps to mine the collective expertise and internal wisdom of participants, rather than relying on instruction from a teacher or prescriptions from a consultant.

This “coach approach” process helps gifted leaders discern the God-sized things that need to happen, develop a plan to get there and celebrate with them when they do.

Transformation happens when we take what we learn,
consider it in our own context, identify what needs to happen,
and put in place specific action steps to achieve the vision.

What’s Included?

18 hours of coaching:

  • Eight monthly 90-minute group sessions designed to spark dynamic conversation around key themes in ministry.
  • Six individual one-on-one coaching sessions with a trained coach, focusing on challenges and opportunities in ministry.

Topics Covered:

  • Life-giving spiritual leadership
  • Life-giving adaptive leadership
  • Disruption as a Holy opportunity
  • The importance of vision and the power of SMART goals
  • Enhancing small group ministry
  • Empowering lay leadership
  • Fresh expressions of worship
  • The coach approach to ministry

Participants Receive:

  • Teaching Videos and Worksheets –monthly, around crucial ministry themes
  • Peer Group Learning Sessions –eight monthly calls, 90 minutes each
  • Individual Coaching Sessions — six 50-minute calls
  • Certificate of Leadership Development upon completion of the training

 Schedule and Cost 

The cost for 9 months of training is $990 per participant. This investment is sometimes shared between participants and their organizations.

Interested in Joining one of our Groups?

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Rev. Barbara Wilson — starting January 2022

Debbie Carl — starting September 2021

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