Shannon Meacham


“Coaching gives us the ability to take all that we have been given and move it into the world. I believe we are visionary people given unique gifts. As your coach I will walk alongside you in relationship to best use your gifts and skills for your setting. All that you need is already within you, but you are not alone, together, we can unlock hidden potentials to live most fully into yourself and serve the world around you.”


Rev. Shannon Meacham has been in Pastoral leadership for over 15 years in the Presbyterian Church USA. Trained through the Auburn Seminary’s Certification for Pastoral Coaching she has been coaching pastors, lay leaders, and leadership groups since 2017. She uses her knowledge of Systems Theory and the Enneagram in her work as a coach, finding these tools helpful for identifying directions, but not defining who you are.

Shannon has a background in music and art, which allows her to creatively engage many of the senses in coaching, often asking deep, imaginative questions. She believes that coaching is a service to the people of God and delights in walking alongside them as they work towards their goals. There is no “one size fits all” as she sees each person uniquely made in the image of God and will work with you or our group to accomplish your goals in a way that is authentic to you.

Shannon lives in a northern suburb of Baltimore with her husband and together their raise their four children. She blogs regularly at and for . She is the former President of the Board and Director of UNCO, an “unconference” for church leaders looking to envision church in the world differently.